Daring to be Different

Hey there butterflies,

It sure has been a while huh. I admit, I am AWFUL at being consistent and that is something I am planning on working on. I could come up with all the excuses like, "running two blogs are hard" or "I can't think of anything to write about", but really I have been hella LAZY.  If you didn't already know, I have been trying to put all my love into my Arbonne business but life has happened and all I have been wanting to do is binge on Netflix + Hulu. If you are curious about this amazing opportunity, I suggest you read on. 

We are going to take a side note for a sec as I mention that as I was about to click publish, I made a rookie mistake and deleted literally everything inspiring so bear with me as I attempt to rewrite my thoughts. 

As many of you already know, I started Goodbye Butterfly as a personal outlet for thoughts and my love to capture moments. Almost four years has past and obviously GB has evolved into a personal reflection of my life and admirations. Built on the "dream, dare, discover" mindset, this passion project directly correlates with this new venture I have begun to embark on. 

I HATE the idea of spending the rest of this life working to make ends meet and settling. Sure, I have two degrees and could probably land a pretty successful career with corporate America. But I dream and envision myself discovering the world and daring to be different. And guess what? I truly believe Arbonne is going to get me there. Can you relate? I find it honestly hard to believe that I am the only twenty-something looking for more than to just settle for what we are given. 

So I have shared about Arbonne and how I hate working a 9-5, cool. Guys, this gig is going to allow me and anyone else with a passion for freedom to soar. I am going to spend my moments traveling and sharing my love with others! Watch me or join me, because what is life without a little risk? 

Well my butterflies, tomorrow I will build an empire but for tonight I think I will catch some zzz. 
xx, SOS

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