Creature of Habit

2018-04-10 06.27.36 1.jpg

Small Life Update: I am looking for a change.

Consistency is key, or at least that’s what I have been told. Get up, go to the day job, sleep, then repeat. Of course there are unique activities and conversations in between but for the most part, that is my current routine. I am a known home body and a creature of habit when I am not struck with a little wanderlust, which is something that lately I am working on changing.

I have been manifesting a lot about what my life is going to look like in a few years and let’s face it, this is not it. And truthfully, I am incredibly happy where I am in life but I am also incredibly stressed. The post-grad adjustment is still taking some time and there is a lot of “adult” things that are left to be sorted. I am lucky to have my superwoman mama to be right next door for my laundry list of questions and maybe my laundry, maybe mom? And I know that building a sound foundation in my career as well as my personal endeavors takes time but I can’t help but wonder if there is a small change in my current situation that can set a better pace.

See butterflies, I take safety in my routine. It is a little haven of everything that I can expect and I truly love it. But what I don’t love is the thought of this being my routine for the next 40 something years. Which is why I am daring to be different and I plan on getting more consistent on switching things up.

Anyone else a creature of habit? Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable butterflies, opportunities simply are not going too create themselves.

Until next time, tah