Carry a Little Extra Heart

A few days after getting home from GTC 2017 back in April, I received an important reminder in the form of an Instagram message. A prospective independent consultant wanted my opinion on Arbonne, mine of all people. My vibe attracted her to contact a stranger to get an honest opinion about the 37 year old company and if it was worth it. While it was flattering and hyped me up more about what I do, the question "how does this benefit me" did cross my mind. Sarah was asked by her cousin to join her team and her decision had little to no effect to my business. If anything, I was doing work for someone else’s benefit! I was being completely selfish and I was quickly reminded of what the core of this business actually is, making a positive impact. 

While responding to her Instagram messages and later her text messages, I realized that to go far in this business it should always be more than you. Of course I heard this time and time again from my upline AND at several trainings. But we never really listen until it happens to us right? I have found that when we carry a little extra heart, especially in situations that prove no direct benefit, your influence will touch someone’s life. It can also touch yours.

After a few weeks of checking in here and there, answering questions I realized that I was not just helping Sarah but she was helping me. I found a new motivation and a confidence within myself that I lost at the early stages of my own journey with Arbonne. I found that the same doubts I was thinking to myself every day, were exactly what she was facing. Through talking to her I was reminded why I still stick this career path out, even when it can be harder at times than the traditional. Faith in the universe, and of course your gut, is funny that way and boy were the signs out there.

The same day I posted the picture on the left, Sarah texted me saying that she was going through old photos and caught herself admiring her papa’s hand. She read that as a sign that she was on the right path, and I couldn’t agree more.

The main point of this post, because we all know I tend to ramble, is to carry a little extra heart with you every day. You don’t need to be a independent consultant with a network marketing company, you just need to be human. If I did not respond to Sarah’s message, I would never had made that connection that is still impacting my life. I never would have felt compelled to put myself out there for other consultants who were not in my upline, or even with Arbonne. And I definitely would not see the good in people that I see now. If this has resonated anything within you, I implore you to make that impact that you otherwise would not. Do something that has absolutely no benefit to you, for the sake of someone else’s happiness and wellbeing.