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Over the course of Goodbye Butterfly's inception, I have found a passion for writing as well as sharing. I have had the privilege of sharing my love for words beyond my own platforms and along with my newfound love for writing words, I have discovered  how much I enjoy crafting visuals with other creatives.

I have had a number of collaborations, so please explore some of my current and past partnerships. I hope that some, if not all, speak to each of you and it inspires you to pursue your dreams. Let's make it happen together!


Creative Partnerships

Guest Blogs | Connections


Travis and the brain

A fellow blogger and sweet soul asked me to join him on his blog, Travis and the Brain, to share some seeds for growth for each of you to water over the year. Travis talks about his mental health journey as he recovers from a traumatic brain injury as well as motivates others to go after their dreams. It has been wonderful connecting with him on twitter and I am so pleased with this little collaboration.

Wings Hawaii | For Real Life Mermaids


Pretty Things Inside

Growing up across the street from Wings Hawaii's first brick and mortar, I have watched these inspiring entrepreneurs spread their wings and truly soar. I even got to be a part of the behind-the-scenes process when I was still discovering who I truly am. As part of the foundation of my inspiration, I have found myself drawn back to this sun-kissed boutique and the generous souls that make the magic happen. Through our shared love of Maui and my newfound passion for writing, discover my most recent work with them

Visual Stories | Creating Memories

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This longtime friend and fellow creative soul asked me to participate in a concept shoot with magical results. We both share a love for the little things and work towards capturing the beauty in life, so I cannot help but dream of her success with her. Alyssa has 5 years of professional experience under her belt, but this passion to create memories to keep reminiscing goes back to as long as she can remember.

Hoku Lii Hawaii | An Island Inspired Label

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Live the Island Life

I have gotten a number of messages when sweet Kamehana launched her company asking if I had a hand in the behind-the-scenes and as of April 2018, I am excited to say that I am a little voice behind this inspiring brand. I have been close friends with this chica since 8th grade when she carried my meals for me at the island-hop field trip where I was stuck on crutches. It has been gratifying to help her shape this small business into the dream that she has envisioned!