Letter to My Friends

*ATTENTION: Cheeseball alert*

Dear Friends,

In the 20 years of my life, I have never been more grateful for a bunch than the loves I have shared the last few years with. I constantly feel your support and I owe a portion of my successes to you. With all of the negativity I have experienced in these last few months alone, I am so happy that I had your positive smiles to rely on. 

Cheers for all of the giggles and adventures we have shared, and the experiences that lay ahead.

They say that this will be the years we will remembered forever and as of right now I have to agree. I never thought that college would be such an amazing learning experience and I credit a lot of my highlights to you. The benefits of being twenty-something comes with some responsibility and all the freedom. Heading into the last year of being a student, I look forward to making the memories I will carry in my heart with the loves that I have chanced upon. 

So heres to you; my friends and sisters of the soul. Thank you for who you are and all you do.