Arbonne Journey - My Why

As many of you popping on here know, this is already on my youtube channel  (lol what Shelby's a youtuber...? no not really) but I wanted to talk a little about this. The GB blog was created with the intention of documenting my travels as well as growth and giving personal insights from life's lessons. My journey with Arbonne over the last year has contributed greatly to my overall growth as a person and as such will be making an appearance here as well as other parts of my website. 

I intend for both of these outlets to be a resource and a tool for myself as well as others who are embarking on some sort of journey (self-love, social marketing, entrepernaurship, or just daring to be different). And I truly hope to curate a community of wonderful, supportive souls who are trailblazing through life!

So here is to my series of why's, because in this business you can never just have one. And here is to the beautiful struggle we all face from time to time. Obstacles shape us and I am just beginning to get that perspective.