Becoming Superwoman

This semester is at it's midway point and I am personally looking foward to its end.  Something that I have learned over the last good chunk of months is that you cannot please everyone. Unfortunetly we all have the want to be super. I know I definetly want to be known as Superwoman. But I cannot do it all and that means that quite a few people will be disappointed.

Including myself. 

I often find myself playing out the plot to the movie YES! Man, played by Jim Carrey. It is extremely challenging for me to turn down any task that is put in front of me. But something that I have learned is that if you continue down the YES path, you will most likely crumble. 

I have learned that it is OK to say "No". In fact, I believe it is pretty healthy. If taking on too much is causing you to fail in some aspect of your life, it is okay to drop off a few things here and there. As a college student, you are obligated to write papers and take tests. With that being said, there really should be no reason for you to take on anything extra. 

Looking at my weekly schedule has the tendency to make people's head spin. Monday - Thursday, I have something going on pretty much from 8am to 10pm. Needless to say, I like being busy. I get bored extremely easy, so keeping my schedule hetic makes me feel productive and keeps my mind active. also keeps my mind fried. 

At the end of each day, I am rolling into my apartment ready to collapse into my bed. As this semester heads into its end, I am realizing that keeping busy and taking on too much is actually making me unproductive. With each week, I have become more and more unmotivated to work on school and personal projects. I have learned that it is OK, even better, to set aside sometime for yourself.

Being superwoman isn't a great as it sounds, we need to live our lives not our schedules.