Curating an epic Flashback

Shelby Ohashi-Sides
Creative + Consultant
Based in Maui, Hawai'i


about me

Grown on the beautiful rock called Maui, I have developed a major case of wanderlust. Paired with my consuming passion for photography, I have set out to capture and share the little wonders of the world. Cherishing the small things, the big things, and everything in between. I am inspired by sandy toes, sunkissed cheeks, and Sunday mornings.

As a creative, my calling is just that, creating. My growing passion for photography and my desire to see the little wonders of the world, has left me with the pursuit of curating an epic flashback. Wander with me as I embark on this amazing journey and experience life with me. See DISCOVER for more. 

As a human being, I take pleasure in sharing. My nature for sharing has led to my consultancy with Arbonne International. As an independent lifestyle consultant, I have the amazing opportunity to share health and wellness. Through transparency and honesty, I am changing lives just one product and offer at a time. See DARE for more.

about GB

Started in the Summer of 2014, Goodbye Butterfly began as a simple outlet for simple thoughts. As a creative reflection of my soul and a working platform for connecting with others, Goodbye Butterfly has grown within these last few years with more to come.

Behind the name, Goodbye Butterfly, is a twenty-something enjoying the present and looking towards the future. Built on the "Dream, Dare, Discover" mindset, I implore you to wander a little with me into making impossibles possible. We are universally blessed creatures. Our lives are what we make it, let's make it worthwhile.